About the course

Welcome to the course website for Prof. Hank Williams’s Intro to Critical Reading, Writing, and Research a summer course for incoming First Year students in the SEEK Program at the City College of New York. This page is for my courses only: Feel free to browse the page, check out the links and let me know what you think, but follow your instructor’s schedule if you’re in a different section. Prof. Laura Ryan’s section of the workshop is here.

Summer 2017

Section 5613 meets from : 7/3-7/20, M-Th (off July 4; make-up class on Friday July 7), 9:30 AM-12:30 PM in NAC 5/110.

Section 5614 meets from : 7/14-8/10, M-Th, 1-4 PM in NAC 5/109.

For Students

Your first stop should be to look at the syllabus and course expectations. Then, look through the various sub-pages under Resources, where I’ve collected information to get you up to speed on computer, support, and library services at CCNY and the New York Public Library. Copies of assignments are uploaded there, too. You should do a daily check of the “What’s New” page, which will have updates on nightly assignments and what to expect for the next day. Important note: Posts from last year’s courses are still here and you’ll see them if you keep scrolling through old posts. Very old posts have been imported from the old course website on Blogspot (now Google Blogger), which is not being updated anymore. But you can get a sense for what the course will be like and see examples of past student work over there.

For Visitors

Thanks for stopping by! Please drop me a line if you see something useful, are doing something similar elsewhere, want to share a tip or resource, or want to connect. See the Student Showcase for a sample of final projects. Links for student blogs are on the What’s New page.