Computer Resources

Having a good grasp of rapidly evolving technology will be a key part of your process of responding critically to the world and your educational evolution while you are here at City and afterward. For this reason, I require you all to set up a blog like this one and learn WordPress. Note that I will not accept any handwritten papers (unless it’s work done during class time). There are no excuses and no exceptions to this rule: this is college — not high school. If you do not have a computer at home, see the list of ccny computer labs on the “CCNY resources” page. Also note that all branches of the New York Public Library have computers available for the public (that means you and me) to use. Check the link for details.

Some of you may be getting new computers (or more access to the family computer). One resource you should be aware of is Libre Office, which is a free download for Mac, Windows, and Linux computer operating systems. It is what’s called open source and is largely compatible with Microsoft’s Office software, which is the standard. An alternative for Mac OS is Neo Office. You should also be aware of Google Docs if you already aren’t. The difference is that Google docs stores all of your info on their servers (and requires internet connection) and Open Office does not: everything is stored on your own computer.

You can also buy copies of Microsoft Office and Windows 7 at significant discount through the CUNY e-mall, (visible after you log-in wt the CUNY Portal) though you have to have your CCNY e-mail set up to get the discount.

Finally, Microsoft now offers free (though with limited features) access to its excellent Office suite online. This is actually a much better option than Google Drive. Try it out!