Library Resources

Public Libraries 

The New York Public Library has branches in The Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island.
The Brooklyn Public Library covers Brooklyn only.
The Queens Library system covers Queens only.

A current NYPL library card is a course requirement. You’ll need it before we do class library visits and for some of the research you’ll be doing. If you have a card for the Brooklyn or Queens system, ask at a branch how to link this to the NY Public (Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island) system, which is actually separate. All branches provide computer access for free (you sometimes have to sign up for use). Note that some of the central libraries in each borough have extended hours. For example the Mid-Manhattan Library is open 7 days and until 11 pm weeknights; the Bronx Library Center is open 9-9 every day except Sunday. There is no excuse for not getting your work done on time. No matter what your work schedule is or family responsibilities you have, you should be able to find a place to do your work at a convenient time.

CUNY Libraries

As a student in the City University system, you have access to the library at any CUNY campus! Therefore, you can go to a campus near your home or where you work and can borrow books from almost anywhere in the system once you have your permanent CCNY ID card! Note, however, that some libraries offer computer access only to students enrolled at that college. CUNY has a list of all campus libraries here.